About meBradley Lucas

Bradley Lucas

I am a Freelance Digital Designer and Creative Consultant who loves design. I really love my job, I love bears, motorbikes and holidays - I really dont like spiders, ignorant people and fish.

My work involves a lot of creative thinking, sketching on notepads and napkins, then performing some creative magic on my computer to turn ideas into professional, perfectly designed, creative and visually eye-catching results. My ethics lie in traditional design and photographic methods, though I use the very latest cameras, equipment, software and techniques to create my digital media.

I find being a creative designer to be a very rewarding job in every way. I work closely with some excellent creative minds and award winning professionals, each being tightly involved within their chosen design, video and photographic industries. This gives me a very wealthy resource of professional knowledge for additional consultation on high level or specialist projects.

  • Understanding the client’s needs and developing suitable concepts
  • Estimating the amount of time needed to complete projects
  • Meeting clients to discuss the objectives and requirements
  • Designing different types of illustrations and layouts as per brand guidelines
  • Produce excellent visual solutions
  • Working with different types of media, including computer aided design, or CAD, video and photography
  • Working alone or as part of a team as per the requirements of the project
  • Collaborating with copywriters, photographers, printers, stylists, illustrators, and account managers to give the best service to the clients

Security Cleared Jobs logoNational Security Vetting - Security Check (SC)

If you are a company that requires a graphic designer to go through the National Security Vetting process, you will be happy to know, I have previously attained Security Check (SC) clearance to allow me to work on SC cleared and other high level NDA projects for clients.

For more information please visit: http://www.securityclearedjobs.com


Why choose me?

Experience vs. Expertise - Why not have both?

Bradley Lucas

My background is steeped in design, branding, marketing and video production. With my expertise covering the creative areas of digital design and media, from traditional graphic design and print to digital video production and photography, and my 16 years industry experience working for some of the biggest companies and names in the UK, I can strike the perfect balance between engaging your audience with your information and leaving your product stuck in your customers minds.

Challenging projects...

I have worked on many design challenges over the years and across the globe, it has given me a valuable wealth of knowledge and experience, both as a designer, as part of a team and taught me an enourmous amount as a consultant. To create a perfectly functional solution to a design challenge on a creative project, is a very satisfying job for me to do, and I really love my job.

Client knowledge:

My client and customer knowledge covers a vast range of sectors globally including: Automotive, Financial Services, UK Government, Music Industry, Rail Networks, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Cloud Services and more. Creating visuals for many marketing and advertising campaigns, brochures, event stands, roller banners, PoS, interactive kiosks, product/promo videos and more.

I have worked with clients from the likes of Jimmy Page, The Brit Awards, Kate Bush, Robbie Williams, to large corporate clients including, Which?, Virgin, Fujitsu, Rolls Royce, H&M, Shell, BP, NHS, Royal Mail, DVLA, HMRC, Vodafone, 3G, ACCA, British American Tobacco, and all the way up to various UK clients where Security Check (SC) clearance was essential.

+ Client Testimonials - See what clients say about my work

Photo of Kelly MetcalfKelly Metcalf

Leadership Professional

"Bradley worked with me to create branded materials, visuals and films for a series of corporate leadership programmes. Through his creative and engaging approach, Bradley produces very high quality and unique visual content. He is very responsive, willing to travel and work to tight deadlines when required to ensure we met the timings required for the programme. In producing these materials, Bradley worked with leaders across the business right up to Board level. Bradley communicated effectively with all to ensure the output created met requirements."

Photo of Keith PowerKeith Power

High Performance Coach, Performance Director & Olympic Coach

"I work as a high performance coach with professional athletes and the highest level company executives. My requirements need to be treated professionally, with the up most discretion and to extremely tight deadlines. Bradleys consultant level knowledge and visual work complement this extremely well. Coupled with his design talents which cover many areas, I have never had to look elsewhere to achieve exactly what I need and all under one roof - Excellent"


Photo of Neil Saxby - ARP MediaNeil Saxby

ARP Media (ex. EMI, Universal Music Group, BWA, IFPI)

"Bradley has worked with me on several projects for hi-profile artists and music industry clients, all of which have been very happy with his creative work. Bradley is clearly a gifted designer, but also brings a wealth of other skills to the table with a broad knowledge of video and his attention to design issues are second to none."


Photo of Barney WraggJane Copper

Corporate Events Manager

"Brad - thank you for stepping in at the final stages of our event and providing seamless cover for us. You worked so well with a superb team of professionals and provided a service that is far superior in commitment and professionalism over any external supplier I have worked with over many years - great team work, you should be very proud!"


Photo of Barney WraggBarney Wragg

Principal, Barney Wragg Associates

"Bradley, your eye for design brings a new element of creativity to a project. Your ability to work across print, online and video is second to none."


Photo of Barney WraggElizabeth Smith

Private Sector Communications Manager

"Brad - just wanted to say a big thank you for filming our event, I know the venue was a big challenge but you did a cracking job and are always a pleasure to work with. Thank you"


Photo of Barney WraggDawn McIlroy

Learning & Development Practice Manager

"I just wanted to express again my thanks for all your hard work. I think that the event filming was great and non intrusive, people really didn't mind the cameras in the room! The day filming was, as always Bradley, expertly carried out and right on the money. Thank you so much for the time you have invested in this venture."

My past creative roles and experiences

+ 2007 to 2012 - Fujitsu UK & Ireland, Creative Design Consultant & Multimedia Specialist

About my role at Fujitsu...

After some years in freelancing, I began look at pushing my knowledge and experience further, I spotted an amazing opportunity which fulfilled everything I currently did - just at a far higher level, and it suited my design knowledge perfectly, a 'Graphic Design Consultant' at a large IT company called Fujitsu.

At Fujitsu my role as a Creative Design Consultant meant I had to provide provides professional expert advice as the client base was of the highest level in the UK. Doing so I really pushed my design thought process and knowledge to an extremely high level, fine tuning many of my design disciplines and high level design skills an incredible amount. Most importantly, the ability to manage and deliver a multitude of creative elements within a single project, while offering high level consultant design advice and direction, and also providing cost effective budget conscious solutions. I regularly worked directly with board level Directors and CEO's, with the up most professionalism, respect and very importantly - the confidence. Whether discussing graphic solutions and the impact for our clients major events, their products, new launches, to directing and producing videos, animations and photo shoots, I was able to handle this professionally and deliver on time.

I created collateral for marketing and advertising campaigns, brochures, event stands, roller banners, PoS, interactive kiosks, product and promo videos and much more. I really loved this as I was able to utilise all my skills across print, photography, videography animation and interactive digital media.

Fujitsu really pushed their Japanese rooted work ethics. Establishing goals and adding value was essential to my work on EVERY project. Looking at how the company functioned I really pushed the company's in-house video and photographic services as far as possible and established a full range of services we could offer. This greatly reduced Fujitsu's costs out-sourcing this type of work to 3rd party graphics/media production companies as they had done previously, and I kept progressing my love for creative design and media production work.

My skills in this role

  • Creative Design Consultant
  • Digital Media Consultant
  • Video Production Specialist
  • After Effects and Flash Animator
  • Video Director
  • Photographer
  • Motion Graphics Creator
  • Digital Special FX Creator

+ 2002 to 2007 - Freelance Graphic Designer

About my role Freelancing...

Freelancer: "a person who pursues a profession without a long-term commitment to any one employer."

While freelancing I learnt an amazing amount about time control, dealing face to face with clients and taking full responsibility for projects. I loved what I learnt and I love to meet with a client face to face when possible, I find this a great way to become familiar with client needs, get started on the project quickly, offering solid creative advice, planning carefully and executing the design work efficiently with excellent communications to all clients.

I am always very happy working along side larger teams, leading creative teams, training designers
or taking on projects from start to finish. My hunger for this type of work just kept growing.

I looked at every chance to add that bit more to a project and continue to do this throughout the projects duration.

My skills in this role

  • Logo Designer
  • Corporate Brand Designer
  • Photographer
  • Flash Animator
  • Video Producer
  • Video Editor
  • CSS and HTML Developer (All W3C Compliant)

+ 1997 to 2002 - RMR Design, Photographer, Flash Animator & Web Designer

About my role at RMR Design...

RMR Design LogoAfter leaving Henley Collage in 1997 after studying Design and Photography, I began my career immediately as a Photographer at a design and web development company called RMR Design Plc.
(RMR Plc. is now Talent Television)

Here I was not being over-utilised as a photographer, so I spent a huge amount of my time sat with the graphic designers and web developers, where I played a large part in creating all the Flash animations and Video content for Environment97 -The Worlds First Online Conference. This introduction to Flash animation gave me such a huge interest for animation and new animation techniques I just kept learning from there!

I took on the previous video editors role along side my web design and photography roles within RMR as soon as the position was available, from here I found a new love, and couldnt stop myself moving forward rapidly.

My skills in this role

  • Photographer
  • Flash Animator
  • Video Producer
  • Video Editor
  • Web Designer
  • HTML Encoder